iStock audio is moving to Getty Images Music

Last chance to find audio content on iStock. iStock’s sound effects and music will soon be moving to Getty Images Music to better serve our audio customers.

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Better, more expansive audio content

By adding iStock audio to Getty Images Music, we’re creating a one-stop audio shop of unparalleled quality.

  • All of our royalty-free stock audio will be available from a single site.
  • Getty Images Music is already home to some of the highest-quality stock music and sound effects from top audio artists – and now it’s more affordable than ever.
  • Combining iStock audio with Getty Images Music will create one of the largest stock audio libraries available.

Better licensing rights

We’re updating the Getty Images Music royalty-free license to become more comprehensive.

  • All audio files licensed from Getty Images Music will include broader usage rights including broadcast.
  • Uncapped legal indemnity comes standard with every file on Getty Images Music.

Common questions

When is the move going to happen?

We’re already working behind the scenes to move iStock audio to Getty Images Music. We expect this work to take a month or so and will let you know a firm date for the cutover as soon as we have one.

Do I still have the license for all my iStock audio downloads?

Yes. You’ll continue to have the license to all audio files downloaded from iStock. The only thing that’s going to change moving forward is where you license new audio from.

Will the prices on Getty Images Music be the same as on iStock?

As part of this move we'll be adjusting the prices of both Getty Images Music and iStock audio files. Our simplified pricing will be based on a file's complexity – sound effects will be one price while music clips will be another.

Can I use my iStock credits on Getty Images Music?

No. Getty Images Music uses a la carte pricing, which means you’ll pay in currency not credits to download files. If you have a credit balance that you use for audio downloads, you’ll need to use them on iStock prior to the move.

Will every iStock audio file be available on Getty Images Music?

While many iStock audio files are already available on Getty Images Music and we're moving more over in the months to come, not every file will be available when we make the move. If there are specific audio files on iStock that you need for a project, you’ll want to download them before we move to Getty Images Music.

Will I be able to access my previous audio downloads?

Because iStock will no longer have any audio files on our site, you will lose access to all past audio downloads in your download history. If you wish to re-download those files before we remove audio permanently, you may do so from your download history.

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